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Free Magnet Face is a tricky platformer with Cartoon Network characters
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Magnet Face is a free platform game by Cartoon Network (with characters from the CN cartoon series called 'The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy') and published by NowStat. The game's hero is little Billy who was captured by the aliens, and your objective is to help him escape from them. Billy is an extraordinary boy: he has a magnetizing face, which will help him advance through different puzzle levels. For instance, you will sometimes need to move boxes distantly and put them in the right place to open doors, at other times you will need to pick up metal objects and throw them, or you may need stick to some metal surface to get somewhere - in any case, you will need to use your wits at the right time.

The general objective of this game is to collect the maximum amount of cheese on each level. You will move Billy by using the arrow keys, jump from one platform to another, and use his magnetizing face to dispose of aliens and get through tricky areas. This is actually the most appealing thing in the game - that it makes players think and jump at the same time.

Some players may dislike this game because of Billy's nastiness. For me, though, the most disappointing thing is that the game runs in a small window, so it is difficult to enjoy the game wholly.

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Marian Zaky
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  • Colorful and interesting
  • Tricky


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